RepairBug™ is the only software on the market that has been designed for phone and computer businesses by actual repair professionals. We know exactly what a repair business needs. Repairing and dealing with customers on a daily basis have helped us to understand what a repair business really needs. 

Why RepairBug™ is unique?

RepairBug™ has many aspects and features that make it unique. It's intelligent, it's fast, lightweight, it has all the features that a phone or computer repair business needs. RepairBug is one of a kind. This software is not for nerds. It is for everyday salespersons and technicians. 

How much does it cost? 

Our software has simple, clear and transparent pricing. The software costs $49/month/location. If your business has more than 10 locations, we assess your needs and calculate custom pricing. No lock-in contract, no commitments. You simply pay the monthly fee as long as you use the software. 

What can the software do?

RepairBug is a Cloud POS software, a Repair management software, an invoicing software, an inventory management software and so much more. RepairBug™ is able to run your whole repair shop, it can notify customers automatically, can track repairs, sales, and your inventory. Because of the unique approach, it is hard to explain what RepairBug™ is. 

Can I import my stock database?

Yes, you can easily import your own stock file in minutes. We also provide you with a pre-loaded stock database with more than 5000 phone cases and accessories, and more than 1000 phone parts. We always keep our database up-to-date. 

Our software has been designed for phone repair businesses. Our clients do not need to purchase other extensions extras, all functions are covered in the system. RepairBug has been used in many phone repair business throughout Australia with high customer satisfaction .



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